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2011 Chrysler 300  
Chrysler barely survived until 2009, remain alive with a marriage contract with Italian Fiat. Besides the accelerated 500, the largest beneficiary of this merger will not reach dealers for some time, but the new owner has breathed life signs in the pipeline Closed Star product once a dream.
In Detroit, Chrysler showed unbranded version of the Lancia Delta. This will rebadge a way to quickly give a little more fresh products, "Chrysler, in particular by going to the USA for Alfa Romeo in doubt again.
Here is what the future holds in store for Chrysler outside 500 of 2011 and the future of 300:
Chrysler to save Fiat? Small, medium level Multiair Fiat engines for Chrysler Chrysler "V-6, RWD Alpha platform
Sergio Marchionne save Chrysler post bankruptcy certain death last year. Outsiders put trust in senior superstar Fiat, though the five-year plan to light in November last year, raised the question whether Chrysler will soon be selling more than rebadged Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia.
Although North American Chrysler "Jeep / Dodge / Ram dealers have consolidated to reduce product overlap, three of these brands are now little Fiat share basis through the lines of several species.
Brand President Francois Olivier said Chrysler will share out style with Lancia, who is also president of Francis. Ralph Gilles, still supports the design of the brand Chrysler Group's Dodge and discs, also plans to modernize its image and interior, with variations ranging from sweet and simple "to" luxury Uptown "and" Ultimate play "MRS. How 'Uptown luxury "Dodge Chrysler Lancia differently on? Probably the market significantly.
Fiat will apply technology Multiair new line of reactors larger than Chrysler and a new 2.0-liter V-6 closed its star. Fiat and Chrysler will build Multiair 1,4-liter four engine plant in Dundee, Michigan, and share four major and Pentagram Star V-6 with Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia. Pentagram in Star is "protected" to cut short trips, very important for Europe. It is cast aluminum block and head with dual cameras continuously variable progressive.

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